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Summary in english:

We want to repeat the success from 2015

We had over 1300 visitors from the energy industry and over 100 exhibitors on Metodedagene 2015. The feedback from both participants and exhibitors was very positive. Many had missed an event like this, where you achieve good contact with both decision makers and users of equipment and materials. Registration can be done in our course system.

It is recommended that suppliers that wish to participate on the Metodedager 2017, but are new to the event, get to know the concept before signing up. This can be done by watching the video from Metodedagene 2015.

Routines regarding registration and participation of the event will be described further down. If there is information missing, we ask you to contact us on metodedager@ren.no

Registration for exhibitors:

  1. If you already have a user with REN, some information will automatically have been filled out. A profile with the company’s information will have to be created if the company is not already a costumer.
  2. The first step in the registration process is to fill in the company information.
  3. Fill inn information about the person responsible for the exhibition. The person will also be registered as a participant and will not have to pay for participation or dinner.
  4. Add more participants that are to stand at the exhibition. (It is possible to make reservations.)
  5. Add extra information. If accommodation is desired, fill inn the from/to date. (This date will include all registered participants – changes can be made later.) Prices for additional options are in a separate column.
  6. The summary page shows all the choices that have been made and the estimated price. Make sure the order number is included. The deadline to cancel the order will appear at the bottom of the page. Carefully look through the choices made and read through the contract before you accept it and click the “register” button. If you want to make changes to your choices, click the “previous” button located down at the left side of the page.
  7. A receipt of the order will be sent to the registered e-mail. Changes can be done from “Min profil”.


  • Price exhibitors = 23.000 kr

This is included:

  • Exhibit Space (by agreement)
    • One responsible exhibitor get participation fees covered (incl. Dinner).
    • Power
    • 4 chairs and 2 tables*
      *extra tables are 200 kr each and chairs are 100 kr each

In addition:

  • Co-exhibitors 2 days incl. dinner = 2.750 kr each
  • Co-exhibitors day one incl. dinner = 2.000 kr each
  • Co-exhibitors day two = 1.000 kr each
  • Accommodation/hotel not included in the price

Tent size:

  • Tent 3×3 m = 3.500 kr
  • Tent 6×3 m = 6.900 kr
  • Tent 6×6 m = 8.400 kr

Loading and unloading equipment (forklift):

  • 600 kr per unit


Click the button underneath to go to registration. Remember that if you are a costumer of REN, information will automatically be filled out if you log into ren.no.


Harness Racing

A trotting race will be arranged in 2017 too with exhibitors as drivers.

REN harness racing responsible: Einar Rossebø

Unfortunately only the eight first registered exhibitors will be able to participate in the race as drivers, as there are only eight places. If you are not among the first eight registered exhibitors, it is important to still register for the waiting list.

Registration can be done HERE

The races happen at these times the 14th of June:

  • Two opening heats ca. kl. 08:45 – 09:15
  • Finale ca. kl. 14:10